Thursday, November 5, 2009

If you happened to read yesterday's post that I found on Aimee's site regarding the Target Glade money maker deal, you will know why I am doing the happy dance. I shot over to Target today on my lunch break to put my $1.50 off any Glade Scented oil product and my Free scented oil candles when you purchase a holder, coupons to good use. I was in Ralph's market over the weekend and they still had the Free Scented Oil Candle coupon blinkies available, so I grabbed some with this deal in mind.

Just as Aimee posted, I purchased 5 holiday scented oil candle glass holders and 5 holiday scented oil candle refills. My total came out to $5.00 total after coupons for 10 items. I also happened to have one $2.00 & one $3.00 target giftcard I received from doing online surveys. So my grand total oop (out of pocket) was $1.46. A lovely lady in line behind me was doing the happy dance for me. She saw my original total before coupons of $22.00 and my final total of $1.46 and became extremely excited. Oh, don't forget I also walked away with two new $5.00 giftcards for my time and effort. Gotta Love Coupons!!!!!!