Monday, November 9, 2009

Ryko: Flash Of Light Sampler

1. Even If It Breaks Your Heart- Will Hoge- 3:41
2. This I Know- Sam & Ruby- 3:37
3. Flaming Arrow- Jupiter One- 3:23
4. Kingdom Underground- Matt Duke- 4:30
5. Turn It Over- Leslie Mendelson- 3:26
6. What Is Love For?- Justin Currie- 3:12
7. True Blue (Acoustic Version)- Gary Louris- 3:33
8. You And Everyone Else- Nickel Eye- 3:38
9. Dance In New York- Thea Gilmore- 6:52

Today's free music once again comes from Amazon. This is a well put together album. One I would not have normally chosen if looking for something new, but one I do enjoy. I hope you will enjoy it also. Go get yours here.


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