Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How I love Glade scented oil candles. I use them everyday at work at lunchtime, when others cook not so pleasant smelling lunch items.

The information below is courtesy of The Mommy Trade, thanks Aimee.

There is a GREAT money maker going on at Target from now until 12/26. They have Glade HOLIDAY Scented Oil candle holders and refills (the holiday versions of those pictured above) on sale for $2.50 each and when you buy 5 of them you’ll get a $5 gift card back. (I found mine on the end cap – not on the isle)

Here is the best scenario to make some money: (you can do this all in one transaction to maximize your savings with coupons)

Buy (5) Candle Holders (the tins)
Buy (5) Candle Refills
Use: (5) $1.50/1 Candle Holder (found inside the tin)
Use: (5) Buy One Scented Oil Candle Holder get a Free Refill Pack (found in the 11/1 SS insert or you can print 2 per computer from HERE - to print it twice hit the back button after it’s printed, you may have to hit “refresh” on your browser for it to work – I’ve also heard that some grocery stores have these as “blinkies” but I’ve not looked for them yet)
Final Price: $5 for all 10 products PLUS you’ll get back $10 in gift cards!

And the great thing is that if you can get more coupons you can do this offer over and over and over again until 12/26!

To make this an even SWEETER deal you can submit your receipt for the SC Johnson $5 Rebate found HERE. You can submit up to 3 rebates per household. To qualify you have to purchase 3 SC Johnson products – if you do the above scenario you’ll have purchased enough to submit for all 3 rebates.

I called about this rebate because I had purchased all of my candles on one receipt and the form says that you need to submit separately and they told me on the phone to send in 3 forms with the one receipt.

So if you bought all 10 in the scenario above you’ll get everything free, plus make $5 in Target Gift Card and get $15 back from SC Johnson! That’s a $20 profit!

Happy Money Making!