Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wouldn’t it be nice to try something healthy for the holidays that also taste good?  Well, I think I have found the answer with Averna Amaro an herbal tonic with healing powers.  I know what you’re thinking herbal, tonic, no way.  Believe me, that is the exact same thought I had when I was presented with this item to review.  The company Fratelli Averna was founded in 1868, and shortly thereafter they began distributing this wonder tonic throughout Italy and Europe. Averna is Sicily’s first licensed spirit. After the senior and junior Avernas’ passing, the descendants took over where they left off and began to expand the global market by starting exports to America. Averna is the number one spirit brand in Italy and the leading Italian Amaro in markets around the world.   
Averna is distilled from a delicate blend of flowers, herbs, dried fruits, spices and licorice.  After these flavors are soaked in alcohol with a touch of caramel, the final result is unique: A complex spirit with a smooth yet firm taste to the palate and a full-bodied, bitter sweet finish.  For years it has been considered an after-dinner drink or digestive, Averna is now being discovered by bartenders as a beverage that can mixed in cocktails and enjoyed at any time of day. Averna is still manufactured in Sicily.
So, after I received this I really didn’t think I was going to like it based on the description alone.  I however, was pleasantly surprised.  I took a small amount in a glass and enjoyed the sweet taste all on its own.  This is something that would go with just about anything.  I did not try it chilled, just at room temperature.  Later, when I was going to sit down to enjoy a cup of coffee I thought I would try adding some Averna.  I made my cup as I normally would and included two tablespoons of the Averna Amaro, I really liked it.  I didn’t even add any additional sweetener to the coffee, just coffee, Averna Amaro, and flavoring syrup.  I don’t think I have tried enough to enjoy any of its healing powers, but would be willing to try it over an extended period of time to reap the benefits.  I also received some recipes along with my bottle to sample, the one I plan to try is:
Dolce Amaro  
·        1.5 ounces Averna
·        1 ounce orange liqueur
·        1 ounce Espresso
·        Dash of simple syrup
Combine all ingredients and shake vigorously over ice.  Strain and serve in a cocktail glass garnished with a lemon twist. I would recommend Averna Amaro to anyone and plan to continue to consume this product.  It has a very smooth, sweet flavor that lingers just long enough on the palette. For additional information about the products offered and drink recipes you may visit their site.

*** I was provided by Averna Amaro with one bottle for review purposes only.  No other form of compensation was received.  The opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced