Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Like most coffee and tea drinkers, I have a ton of travel mugs. The ones that don’t spill, the one’s that claim your drink hot over several hours and the list goes on. But I finally think I have found my final travel mug for my hot drinks. A couple years ago I got a Keurig coffeemaker and love that each member of the household can make their preferred drink without having to make an entire port. So, some mornings I have tea, others coffee, and still others hot cocoa. Well, I now have the perfect mug to go with my “drink of the day.” This great new mug is named BRUGO. If there is one thing I hate. It’s cold or tepid coffee or tea. I love the fact that when you get your drink at a coffee house it is the proper temperature. Well, with BRUGO you will now be able to keep your drink at the proper temperature without burning your tongue because you were so eager to drink it. With this ingenious invention, you’re able to enjoy every sip of your hot drink at the appropriate temperature for consumption. This mug also eliminates spills, spatters and burned lips that you experience with most to go containers and travel mugs. No sipping and blowing, just sipping at the proper temperature.

BRUGO mug has what they call a tip and sip feature. By tipping the mug slightly as pictured, you transfer sip-sized amounts (one fluid ounce) of your hot beverage to the temperature control chamber, where it immediately reaches the perfect temperature zone. Fresh coffee is brewed at 205 degrees, but its flavor is most distinguishable and pleasing at around 150 to 170 degrees. Only the liquid in the chamber of the mug is cooled and only this liquid exits the sip opening. This alleviates the need to wait for your beverage to cool or you having the need to blow on it.

As you can see in the above photo, the BRUGO lid has three options: Lock, Sip and Tip & Cool. The lock setting seals the mug and keeps your drink from spilling. Tip & Cool is how you access the temperature control chamber for cooling the beverage to drinking temperature. The Sip is, well, for sipping after the dink has cooled in the chamber. This mug also offers double wall insulation, non-slip bottom, 16 oz. capacity and ergonomic grip. BRUGO offers two types of mugs, the executive, which is pictured and comes in a variety of colors and is reasonably priced at $19.95. The other variety is the sport which also comes in a variety of colors and is priced at $14.95. The mugs may be purchased on the BRUGO website.

I have to say, I really didn’t believe that this little find would do what it claimed to do. I was however, pleasantly surprised. I had received some Christmas tea that I had really wanted to try and this was a great time to try out BRUGO. It does EXACTLY what it claims to do. No more burned tongues, or endless blowing on hot drinks. I tend to nurse a mug of tea for about two to three hours before I finish, especially when at work. I was so surprised to find that my mug of tea was still hot and flavorful as it was when I had began to drink it. Jolex is the company which cam e up with this wonderful mug and I have to say, I think they have a hit on their hand. This would make a wonderful stocking stuffer or gift for the office gift exchange. Heck, I’d love to get one if you are looking for someone to give it to, it would be lovely in the flamingo color. Another plus is, the site is currently offering free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

*** I was provided with a sample of the BRUGO from Jolex in order to complete this review. No other form of compensation was received. The opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.