Monday, December 21, 2009

The holidays are surely upon us. Holiday parties to the left of us, gatherings to the right of us; what’s a girl to do. Well, she can enjoy herself by having a drink or two. I was recently introduced to the Newcastle Brown Ale Draughtkeg which is a pressurized min-keg that serves 10 pints, which is 5 liters, of draught beer and can be found for the reasonable price of $23.00, that’s only $2.30 a pint. Once tapped, the beer will stay fresh for 30 days with great on tap taste, just like the Heineken version. I’m sure however, this little fella won’t stick around most places longer than a few hours. This mini keg contains an internal CO2 pressurization system. You only need to attach the included plastic tap, place your glass under the tap and lift the lever on top. There are super simple instructions included with each keg.

This little guy is perfect for small parties where you want to include something for everyone. The guys will feel like they are at the local pub and happy they don’t have to drink one of the girly drinks being served. All of the guys at the recent party where this was served couldn’t stop commenting on how they would like to have one of these at the next party. They enjoyed the flavor and considered it smooth with a distinct taste, very authentic. They have long since passed their keg days, and I think this made them feel like they recaptured a little bit of their youth, while keeping it classy. This product is currently available at select markets and liquor stores in Southern California, Minneapolis and Chicago and was introduced earlier this year.

I was happy to have been provided one of these wonderful mini kegs to sample and review. It was a huge hit at the gathering and lasted a total of two hours. It is something I will purchase in the future to bring to the next get-together, maybe Super Bowl. I would like to thank Newcastle for allowing me to provide my opinion on their product. For additional information, please visit their site.

*** I was provided with a sample of the Newcastle Brown Ale Draughtkeg in order to complete this review. No other form of compensation was received. The opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.


Veronica said...

If I got this I would have to admit it would be for the guest only, well, and the hubby! I can't drink, my body just won't tolerate it. I take 4 drinks of any alcoholic drink and I have the worst heartburn :( but on the plus side, no one can ever say they've seen me drunk!

Dee said...

I guess that is one way to stay sober. Thanks for the comment.