Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some of you may remember my previous post about the Red Plum Holiday Gift Guide. The guide included their editors recommendation of 30 gift picks, under $30. Well, Red Plum sent me a few of the products to review and share my thoughts on. If you click on the picture above it will enlarge. The item numbers I refer to are those listed in the guide. I received item #3, #7 and #10 from this page of items.
Item #7 - Demeter Fragrance Library - Here is what the editors have to say about it - Smell Cheaper—$6-$10

We’ve been loving Demeter’s clean, crisp fragrances forever, and paying $20 and up for them. Now this capsule collection of the high-end scents will be available for $10 or less at drugstores CVS and Duane Reed. Here’s hoping every other price-y product we’re addicted to follows suit… (While the special pricing doesn't seem to be showing up online at either of these chains, you can still get them at the non-frugal price through Amazon and others if you don't want to shop in-person.)

I received the Baby Powder Scent. If anyone is aware of Philosophy (pricey) and their Grace Line of fragrances, this is a more reasonably priced version of the same scents. I love all of the grace fragrances and the Baby Powder Scent of Demeter is no different. I am happy to be able to purchase these at a better price, so now I can keep one in my purse, the car, my desk, etc.

Item #10 - Days Ago Digital Day Counter - Here is what the editors have to say about it - Time Everything!—$5-$12
We can’t stop using the Days Ago timer. With a strap or a suction the little device lets you quickly mark how long it’s been since…anything! When you made the soup in that Tupperware, when hubby left the socks on the floor.

I received a two pack of this little ingenious product in orange and blue. They have suction cups on the back of them, so they adhere to almost anything. Even if the suction cup doesn't work on the the item you want to time, you can strap it on and it still works great. My husband really has a terrible habit about putting things in the fridge and forgetting them. Then when I mention it to him, he always says that hasn't been there that long. This will alleviate the need for that conversation/disagreement all together. I love this product and plan to pick up more, because two just aren't enough.

From this page of items I received items #19, #20, #28 and #30 to review.
Item # 19 Spy Gear Evidence Kit - Here is what the editors have to say about it - CSI-IN-TRAINING KIT $16

This cool kit lets kids feel like a forensic investigator as they dust for fingerprints with glow-in-the-dark powder, zoom in on evidence with the 30X microscope and seek out secrets with the UV light. Also includes an ink pad, tweezers, ID card, collection bags, double-sided lifting tapes—all the tools of the CSI trade!

This kit is really great if you have an inquisitive child. It is labeled for 6 years old and above. The kit includes over 12 tools and a carrying case. Other items are a fingerprint kit, 30X microscope, UV blacklight and glow in the dark powder. This kit really is great and has everything a child would need to get started on "detecting adventures." I think this would be better for a little bit older child, maybe 8 and above, but a more adventurous younger child might be able to make good use of this as well. It is geared towards boys, but I know I would have loved to have this as a child.

#20 - Nicole Nic's Sticks by OPI - Here is what the editors have to say about it - POLISH PENS $7

These time-saving tubes of polish are a dream for your best friend who needs to be able to touch up her manicure at her desk, or a teen who is just learning to polish her nails. Push the tube a couple times, like you would click a pen. Then paint and go

I received this in the color of com-pewter-ized. How cute is that name!?! This really is a pewter color and I think perfect for holiday parties and an evening out. I also recently saw a swirl technique for nail polish that would work beautifully with this and red. I think I may have to try that for our holiday party at work. Love OPI polish, great staying power with no chips or fading. You should pick a few of these up if you get a chance.

Finally, Item #30 - Busy Body Book & Organizers - Here is what the editors have to say about it - ORGANIZER FOR THE WHOLE FAM $15

The whole-family organizer we’ve waited for! And busy brood will love this wall calendar (also available in desk size) that tracks the everyone’s activities in one spot—so conflicts and busy days can be seen a mile away.

I received the desk version of this planner. This has got to be one of the handiest and most organized planners I have used. This organizer can address up to five different schedules on one page. Great if you have a large family and several children in different activities. There is also several blank note pages in the back, as well as several pages of to do lists and several pages for phone numbers and addresses. The planner is really the end all of planners. Great choice for your list red plum.

If you want to see each item and a link to where you can purchase the items, look here.

***I was provided by Red Plum with the above products for review purposes and no other form of compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.