Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I was recently given a second opportunity by Softsoap® to try the New Softsoap® Nutri Serums nourishing body washes.

The Nutri-Serum variety of Softsoap® BRAND Body Washes has a Suggested Retail Price of $3.50 - $4.50 for a 15oz. bottle. Here is what their press release has to say; “Now, Softsoap® brand extends its body wash portfolio with the arrival of Softsoap® brand Nutri Serums body wash – the first body wash to be infused with nutrient rich Softening Serum Pearls! Inspired by high-end beauty products containing serums, new Softsoap® brand Nutri Serums body wash with Softening Serum Pearls contains luxurious ingredients and delivers affordable, advanced skin care benefits.

Softsoap® BRAND Body Washes are specially created to surprise your skin with fantastic new fragrances, on-trend ingredients and rich moisturizers, so your skin feels soft, healthy-looking and clean. Committed to bringing breakthrough formulas to the masses, our resident ingredient experts have created a full line of body washes especially designed to WOW your skin!”

This body wash comes in two enriched varieties with Restoring Vitamin E or Moisture-Retaining Omega 3 & 6 variety. It is the first body wash infused with softening, serum pearls.

My Fave’s
*Great relaxing scent
* Skin feels super-soft and moisturized
*Extremely affordable
*Available at most major drug stores and mass retailers

My not so Fave’s
*The wash was a little on the thick side, which makes it a little hard to dispense from this type of bottle. Maybe if it was in a pump style dispenser it would be easier.

One thing I also noticed, which should have been in the “Fave’s” column; when using either variety of this product, I have had no need to use lotion. For me, this is huge; I use lotion after every shower and bath especially in the drier fall/winter months. The lotions I use also aren’t the drugstore variety, they are a specialty brand. That averages $47.00 a bottle for a 32oz bottle. This is a huge cost savings, as I will not have to replenish my lotion supply as often.
All in all, I still give the Nutri Serums Body Wash two big thumbs up. This product is a must for my shopping list.

***I was provided by Softsoap and CohnWolfe with two 15oz bottles of Softsoap Brand Nutri Serum Body Washes for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own and no other form of compensation was provided.