Thursday, December 24, 2009

Well, there’s nothing like a prayer being answered.  As, I am writing this our home internet has been down for over twenty hours.  So then, how am I writing this online?  Well, with the help of this great product from hField Technologies.  I was sent this little helper to review and right now, I consider it a godsend.  Hfield technologies just launched the newest generation of its Wi-Fire USB Wi-Fi Adapter.  To put it in laymen’s terms, it’s a device that allows you to pick up wireless signals from a greater distance than just using your computers wireless connection.  The new Wi-Fire is 40% smaller and 30& lighter than its predecessor, but stills delivers that extra punch needed when surfing wirelessly.
When I started my experience out here at the coffee shop, the signal was weak and sporadic, at best.  Since connecting my lifesaver, my connection went from sporadic to consistent.  My signal strength, which I think is another great feature of this product, is at 85%.  I can only imagine what it was before I connected my little friend.  This device is extremely user friendly and I had it up and running in about ten minutes, this includes loading the software.  The steps are simple, load the software, let it install itself, remove the disk, connect the USB cable to an open USB port and the other end to the Wi-Fire and you’re set to go.  The Wi-Fire will list all available wireless connections in range and let you know if they are a secure network or open network (meaning anyone can access it).

While I began my internet journey on the patio, I received some strange looks because my little friend was sitting at the top of my screen.  That and because a few smokers came out onto the patio, I moved to my vehicle, which was parked about 100 feet away.  This coffee house is in a shopping center with lots of vehicle and foot traffic.  There is a restaurant across the street that had wi-fi, a gas station about 300 feet away with wi-fi and of course several others that were surfing the net as well.  I love that the connection manager keeps you up to date on the signal strength on everything in the area. 
This is what their website has to say:

The Wi-Fire uses a powerful directional antenna, highly sensitive receiver and proprietary software to find and enhance normal WiFi signals. With it, you can connect wirelessly to the Internet–even at low signal strengths–faster, more reliably and with a more consistently strong connection–than you are able to with an internal wireless adapter.
The Wi-Fire draws very little power from your laptop battery. It comes complete with everything you need to connect wirelessly to the Internet. Just install the Wi-Fire Connection Manager, plug the Wi-Fire into an available USB port and you’re ready to start. It can rest on any flat surface, laptop display or flat screen monitor.
The Wi-Fire Connection Manager reveals all available networks in the area–more than you’ve ever seen without the Wi-Fire. Simply rotate the Wi-Fire to maximize the signal strength for one of your desired networks, select the strongest available network – public access or private and encrypted – and then click connect. You’re now connected in places you never were before! Enjoy your new freedom and convenience.
The Wi-Fire will provide higher speeds at low signal strengths than your typical internal adapter and competing “high performance” products. It has even beat Draft802.11n products in range and speed at long distances.
The Wi-Fire allows you to surf the web, tap remote applications, download large files, stream audio and video–without squinting at a tiny screen and thumb typing on a credit card-size keyboard. And just try performing essential online tasks on a painfully slow cell phone connection. You could wander around, searching for the closest and strongest access point. You could suffer through a spotty, slow connection that drops at the most inopportune time.
This product is great for anyone on the go.  Students in the dorms and classroom will have greater internet reliability, Business People who travel and spend most of their time in hotels with spotty wi-fi, people who travel in RV’s and need to connect amidst all the metal at the campsite, and just about anyone else, especially the blogger whose internet has gone down at home and has to go to the coffee house to connect.  This little gem retails for $59.00 and may be purchased at Amazon, and the hField website.    I would like to thank hField technologies for providing me with this great device to review, I think I’m in love.

*** I was provided with a sample of the Wi-Fire in order to complete this review. No other form of compensation was received. The opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.