Saturday, January 2, 2010

I love having the opportunity to sit and watch a mindless comedy on any given day.  Although it happens far too infrequently, when it does happen, I make sure that I enjoy it to the fullest, so that I can reap its benefits for a while. 
I recently had the opportunity to review, Friday, The Complete Animated Series and thought that it would be a great chance for me to experience some mindless laughter.  If you are unfamiliar with this series, it is based on the Friday movies which starred Rapper Ice Cube.  The movie trilogy includes, Friday, Next Friday and Friday after Next.  The movies follow the main character “Craig” (Ice Cube) along his do nothing life in South Central Los Angeles, where each day seems to bring more trouble for Craig to get into than the last.  The original 1995 Friday also included his trusty sidekick “Smokey” (Chris Tucker), who is known to be the neighborhood drug dealer/user and Craig's best friend.  These two are in their twenty’s and can’t find or hold a job for longer than a day, but always seem to find the funds to score some “smokes.”
"Friday: The Complete Animated Series," originally aired on MTV2 in summer 2007 and is now out on DVD.  So, this is how I decided to spend 159 minutes of my past Sunday.  I saw all three of the Friday movies and have to say the first was by far the funniest. The two following added a few new characters, they exchanged Craig’s good friend Smokey for his cousin Day-Day (Mike Epps)

The "Friday" films all revolve around a similar concept. Basically, Craig isn´t really doing much, and his family thinks he needs to be straightened out. So, he takes up a cause or pursues an adventure, but whatever it is doesn´t pan out how he anticipated. The remaining run time is spent watching him and some supporting cast members try to work through the new problems and issues they´ve indirectly created.  Both the film and the animated series are interesting products that always seem to focus on race, gender, ethnicity or other issues.
These films and the animated series in my opinion are purely meant to entertain and get a giggle here and there. Each of these include some type of slap stick, albeit ethnic, comedy which is sure to get a laugh from most audience members.  The animated episodes stand alone, and you don´t need to have any “Friday" background to “get it.” The main characters are still Craig and Smokey. Smokey continues as in the original movie to distract Craig from all things productive. The pair spends some time looking for different ways to make money without working too hard and try to stay away from the local bully/drug dealer, Deebo. Craig´s father, who´s proud that he hasn´t missed a single day at work in over 20 years, is never afraid to share his opinion with anyone, including his wife and daughter; both overachievers who make Craig look insignificant at times.
I have to say, I find "Friday: The Complete Animated Series" a good way to waste some time. It’s not as funny as the original movie, but it will do for a chuckle or two. However, I don’t consider this to be an animated series for the young kids, teens to adults only.

*** I was provided with Friday: The Complete Animated Series for review purposes only.  No other form of compensation was received.  The opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced