Saturday, January 2, 2010

Being a blogger, there are times when I draw a complete blank on things to write about.  It can sometimes be very difficult to get the juices flowing, even if you are writing about something you love.  I'm sure if you have ever had the occasion or need to write a paper, you will understand what I mean.  

I'm also an avid book reader and on occasion, I review and blog about books.  There will be many to come in 2010.  So, you can understand my excitement when I found this series of Journals titled Write it Down.  Journals Unlimited, Inc. offers over 60 titles in the Write it Down series, to help "jog" your memory and get the juices flowing for documenting almost any experience in your life.  This is a unique line of guided journals. The write it down series comes in two different size journals,   Mini size (3"x5", 80 pages) and Full Size (9"x7.5", 200 pages).  

There are a total of sixty-three titles in the full size journals, a few of these include:

Hiking - The Hiker's Journal                                                       

Lighten up - A Weight Control, Workout Journal               

The Blank Journal                                                                       

Books I've Read - A Reader's Journal                                      

Contacts - A Connection Journal                                           

R and R - A Cottage Journal                                                     

Golfing - The Golfers Journal                                                   

Sports-An Athletes Journal                                                        

Wellness - My Recovery Journal                                              
There total of 22 titles in the mini journal, which include:

Vacation-The Traveler Mini Journal          

Me-A Personal Mini Journal         

Biking - A Bikers Mini Journal       
Dining Out-A Restaurant Mini Journal

The Blank Mini Journal   
Fishing - A Fisherman's Mini Journal

Hiking - The Hiker's Mini Journal

Camping - A Campers Mini Journal            
Motorcycle, A Rider's Mini Journal

Dreams-A Dream Mini Journal     
Books I've Read - A Reader's Mini Journal

Bird Watching - My Bird Watching Mini Journal    
Precious Friends - Mini My Pet Journal

Quilting - The Quilter's Mini Journal 
To see the full list of titles you can visit here. The full size has a retail price of $18.95 and the mini journal has a retail price of $5.95.  Any of their full size journals may be personalized for an additional $11.00. They are offered in the color collection and the original Natural Kraft Brown Collection, with the appropriate prompts for the journal topic.

I was offered the opportunity to sample the, Books I've Read - A Reader's Journal.  I found this journal to be extremely useful in keeping track of what I have read.  Occasionally, I pick up a book and begin to read it, only to be interrupted, and not be able to return to it for several days.  During that time I will have forgotten some what I read and need to to re-read it again.  Using the Books I've Read journal has really helped me with this.  I can write down key points I wish to remember as I read the book.   Here is what their site says about the Books I've Read Journal:
The reading journal to record information about the books you read such as author, title, your recommendation, favorite characters, plot and other items. It even has a place to record who you loaned it to. Very popular with book clubs!
Below is a sample page of the books journal.

I really think that these journals make a great gift for others and for yourself.  As we begin to age, we realize there are things we wished we had asked someone or had documented and it's sometimes to late. Of course, our memory doesn't improve as we age either, so these guided journals are great for refreshing the memory.  My grandmother will be 100 years old next year. Can you imagine how many of these journals she could fill with the things shes seen and experienced in her lifetime? 
These journals may be purchased via Journals Unlimited website. I would like to thank Journals Unlimited for providing me the opportunity to share their products with my readers.

 ****I was provided by Journals Unlimited with a copy of Books I've Read - A Reader's Journal for review purposes. No other form of compensation was received.  The opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.