Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm not sure if you remember, but last week I told you that I had been selected to host a viewing party for a new line of pens and pencils that Paper Mate was offering.  They also had a new commercial that was scheduled to air around the time the Olympics began and my guest and myself would have the chance to view it.  Well, for those of us on the West Coast the commercial seemed to get lost in delays of the Olympics and such.  We did however continue to party while waiting and also viewed the commercial online, since the link had been previously provided.  My pre-viewing party post has the video attached.

Each of my guest was eager to see what paper mate had come up with since this brand has been long trusted in the area of office/pen products.  I think the biggest WOW was about the biodegradable pencils that they had created.  I however was really stoked over the smooth writing color gel pens, which comes in eight different ink colors.  My favorite was the purple and the red, which I made sure to keep for myself, before dividing the others up for my guests goodie bags.  

Each guest left with:  a Paper Mate Gel Pen, a Paper Mate Biodegradable Pen and Pencil with extra erasers and leads, a Paper Mate Silhouette Mechanical Pencil,  a Paper Mate Note Pad and a set of Paper Mate Recipe Cards.  They also received copies of some yummy recipes that were provided by Paper Mate to fill up those recipe cards.  As part of our festivities and to tie into the "green" theme, I provided organic appetizers that were enjoyed by all.  The drinks however, were not organic, just tasty.  We were also able to play games that tied in with the Olympics, which made everyone feel like they were a part of the Olympics.

The party also had a great heart theme which is part of the Paper Mate logo (double hearts).  There were heart cutouts and I served pomegranate martinis (heart healthy) and heart shaped sandwiches.  All in all, a great time was had by everyone and each of the new products were well received.  Several of my guest commented on how it made them feel like they were doing something good for the planet, by using the new pens and pencils.  Especially the biodegradable ones that can be tossed in with the compost, it's amazing to know that these are made from corn.  To learn more about this line of products, head over to Paper Mate  and take a look around.  You can also fan Paper Mate on facebook.  Paper Mate also offers a program where you can collect old pens and recycle them, while raising money for your charity. They also have a new design pen, but unfortunately these were not included in the kit.

*** As a member of Mom Select I was provided by Paper Mate with a party package including the items listed above.  These items were provided for the unbiased opinions of myself and my party guests. No other form of compensation was received.


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