Monday, March 1, 2010

So, have you heard of Swagbucks?  It is a really cool search engine where you can earn points towards cash or prizes just by doing what you usually do via Google. Searching and shopping online. Follow the directions on their site to add Swagbucks as a search engine on your browsers toolbar. Then when you perform an online search from your browser (like you would with Google), you are sometimes picked as a winner and awarded so points, just for searching.

Recently, with their birthday, Swagbucks changed their point system, they have a new look to the site and the notifications. The 20 Swagbucks I just won for searching, would have normally been worth 2 Swagbucks. So what they did is, they took the previous points you would have previously earned and multiplied it by 10 to get your new point amount.

They also changed the look of their site a bit. The prizes have all been adjusted to reflect the higher point values too. So it's not quite as easy to get to win/purchase some of the prizes or giftcards as it used to be.

Search & Win

I previously cashed in my first round of points last year for a few Amazon giftcards. You can also have cash added to your Paypal account if that's the way you want to cash in your points. I love that I started off a few  days ago with 18 points and I now have 280 points. There are also a lot of  great prizes to be won.

If you are looking to make some extra cash without doing any hard work, then I recommend Swagbucks. Save your points until the end of the year and then cash them in for giftcards for holiday gifts. Oh, and if you sign up now by clicking on the banner above, they will give you 30 points to get started.


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