Friday, December 3, 2010

Just recently, I had the opportunity to introduce my mommy friends to a great product line of eco-friendly, baby friendly items. Episencial is the first and only professional-quality, all natural skincare system created specifically for the unique developing skin type of babies and kids. The gentle, newborn safe formulas feature an exclusive skin immune complex™ to boost the skin’s immune functions and help the body ward off illnesses.

As mom's, when it comes to bath and skin care products for our babies, most of us have always gone with the tried and true brand that our parents used, and their parents used on them, rarely deviating from the course to try something new. So, when I was given the opportunity to try this line of products out, I could hardly stand it.  Thankfully skin problems or skin allergies are not a problem for our little ones, but being more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious is a large blip on our families radar.

So, after trying out the products I received on myself and the little ones and loving the results I saw on everyone's dry winter skin, I had to narrow down the list of mom's I would include on my invite list.  The chosen mommies and their babies had the chance to sample the products and take home a full size bottle the Episencial Playful Foaming Wash which they all seemed to love, as did the babies. Each mom also had the opportunity to try out and take home samples of several products in the line including, Sunny Sunscreen SPF 35, Soothing Cream for eczema, itches and bothered skin (aka winter skin), Better Body Butter , Sweet Dreams Bubble Bath,Nurturing Balm for diaper areas and sensitive places and finally, Protective Face Balm. These products not only are non-irritating to your babies skin, but they also help boost immunity.  The most heard comment during the party was, the scent of the products was very "clean and fresh", no perfumes that can be harsh on an infants skin. If you are looking for pefurme-y heavily scented products to use, these are not them, but if you are looking for something that is soothing to your senses and gentle enough for your babies and you, this is the line for you. All natural and organic.
 I had set up a couple of  bathing stations for the infants and had some of the moms who had toddlers use the bathtub to bathe they others.  Not one child experienced adverse reactions to the products and some mothers even commented on the fact that their children even appeared to be more calm after using the products.  Many of the little ones took a nap after being bathed and soother with all the wonderful products and the mommies had a chance to play some fun games and enjoy some adult time.  Many mommies went online to friend Episencial and Mommy Parties, so they could get in on some of the fun.  We then shared with each other what bath time rituals we use with our little ones and enjoyed some light snacks.

Everyone was really happy to learn about the Green Your School Grant Preschool Program.  Episencial, will be providing 12 preschools with the opportunity to win over $2250 in cash and products to go green; one preschool  per month will win. Applications will be accepted from May 4, 2010 to May 4, 2011 and the products will be delivered to your pre-school's doorstep. Just visit their facebook page and click on the Get a Grant tab at the top of the page, don't forget to also click on the coupon tab to get a $10 off coupon to use at Thank you Episencial for making such great products, good for our little ones and the environment.

***I was provided with a party kit to host this event by Mommy Parties and Episencial. No other form of compensation was received. The opinions expressed are those of myself and my family and friends, and have not been influenced.